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D&R Legal Process Services, LLC has extensive experience as a qualified process server. Since 1985, we’ve served Palo Alto residents and companies, assisting thousands of individuals and enterprises. D&R Legal Process Services has by far the most competent people in Palo Alto, with over 35 years of experience.

We recognize the importance of properly serving legal documents, therefore we strive to make sure you get precisely what you paid for!

  • 25 Years of Experience

    We have over 25 years of experience in the legal processing field.

  • Fast and Smooth Service

    With D&R Legal Process your paperwork will be filed and served quickly and smoothly.

  • Affordable Pricing

    One of our top priorities is making sure our legal process costs are fair to both parties so we work at a competitive rate.

  • Complete Support

    We're here to help you every step of the way. We offer a full-service experience with our legal process services.

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Process Service Deserves to Be Done Right

It’s vital to choose a skilled process server who knows what they’re doing when you have legal papers served. D&R Legal Process Services has the knowledge and experience to do the task properly. We like what we do and go to great lengths to guarantee that legal papers are delivered properly and on time.

  • Effective Process Service Demands Precision and Persistence

In Palo Alto, a process server has a variety of obligations. They not only must manage all of the paperwork and adhere to all processes but they also must be dedicated to providing excellent service. They might need to go above and beyond what is necessary to finish the assignment. However, you can be confident that D&R Legal Process Serving LLC has the ability and knowledge to complete the task correctly.

We won’t stop unless your documents are served, so give us a call right now for more information!

  • Failure to Serve Someone Correctly Can Result in Case Delays or Dismissal

According to Federal law, you must serve a duplicate of the Complaint or Summons to someone ahead of their court date in order to take them to court. This informs the defendant that they are facing charges and gives them a chance to react.

Process service necessitates precision and adherence to federal standards. Your lawsuit may be hindered or even dismissed if someone is not served properly. All D&R Legal process servers are qualified professionals in successful process service techniques and have extensive experience tracking down defendants who try to avoid being served.

Enlisting the help of a professional licensed process server is the only method to ensure a smooth transaction. We’ll provide you with advice and encourage you to make the right choice for your case.

  • Process Service Requires In-depth Knowledge of the Legal System

Service of process is when one party to notify another of the start of legal action in a timely manner. A “service of process” is used to convey this notification. A collection of court paperwork is delivered to the individual who will be served.

Individual service of process has been used to start lawsuits in the United States for over a century. This occurs because personal delivery of process guarantees that the defendant is aware of the legal action being pursued against them. States can enact regulations governing the forms to be utilized, the timeframes for service, and the method in which the process is delivered, among other things.

To minimize misconceptions and expedite progress, a thorough grasp of the judicial system is essential.

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D&R Legal Processing Services

Why Choose DR Legal for Process Serving in Palo Alto, California?

It’s not easy to arrange process service on your own. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with research when you don’t grasp the regulations, court services, documents, and procedures related to process service, which just adds to your stress.

However, you do not have to handle the legal aspects of your case on your own. D&R Legal has been handling legal procedures in California for more than twenty years, and we’re here to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. We have the knowledge and expertise to serve due process correctly and efficiently, and we promise to treat your case with the confidentiality and care it deserves.

D&R Legal is dedicated to guiding you through the legal provisions from beginning to end so that you have a complete grasp of the status of your case and don’t lose sleep over minutiae. Our Palo Alto process servers are the greatest in the state and will have you confidently facing your future in no time.

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D&R Legal - The Best Process Server in Palo Alto

The legal system relies heavily on process serving. It starts the case and notifies the defendant that the complaint has been filed. Due process demands that the other party be served with the procedure, and regulations exist to guarantee that this occurs. But what if you can’t track down the other party? What if you’ve exhausted all other options for determining what papers you’ll need and how to submit your case online?

D&R Legal Processing Services can take care of everything. We will always be there for you every step of the way as your personal Palo Alto process server.


In every part of the filing process, D&R Legal Process Service, LLC is dependable and accountable. When it comes to getting your legal documents filed or delivered as soon as possible, we may be demanding.

We’ve been around for more than 36 years and have hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers just like you!

A simple 3-step process:

  • Call

    Give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your specific situation.

  • Make an account

    In only a few clicks, create an account on our web portal and pick the service you desire.

  • Send the assignment

    Send us a copy of the task, and we'll handle the rest so you can focus on the important things.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We realize that you are concerned about the fees and paperwork associated with a lawsuit. Money should not, however, prevent you from pursuing the justice you need.

    D&R Legal can provide you with a professional private investigator who will locate the individual who must be served. With our services, you may afford a private process server and bring an end to your anxieties about legal paperwork. We make it faster and save money on decision enforcement, which can take years. We can also aid you with domesticating your overseas subpoenas here in Palo Alto by serving a number of witnesses that live around California.

    D&R Legal Process Service provides all of this and more at reasonable pricing and within the timeframe required.

  • Complete Support

    Filing legal documents, knowing the rules, aiding you in seizing the debtor's possessions, locating them for serving when you can't find them, and serving the process are all time-consuming and expensive activities.

    D&R Legal provides honest and trustworthy legal services at reasonable rates. Forget about dealing with a debtor's eviction, serving process on an avoiding party, filing paperwork in court, or serving a witness who lives in Palo Alto. We'll take care of it.

    D&R Legal Process Service is a family-owned and operated business that provides dependable legal services. We have employees and court runners that have been trained in their respective fields as well as customer service.

    Call us at 1-510-797-9996

Frequently asked Questions

About Process Serving
in Palo Alto, CA

How much does a Palo Alto Process server cost?

A Palo Alto process server might cost anywhere from $90-$200, based on the assignment and your needs.

How long does it take for a process server to serve someone in Palo Alto?

This will be determined by the task and its needs. Please get in touch with us to get a specific timeline for our operations.

How late can a process server come to your home?

Process servers can serve a defendant from 6 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. In some cases, process servers may also be able to serve beyond those hours.

Can a process server leave papers at your door in California?

If a process server seems unable to contact the individual who needs to be served, the documentation may be lawfully taped to the door. Because the documents may be misplaced or discarded, or the plaintiff may declare he or she never received them, this is not the greatest method of serving papers.

What happens if a process server can’t find you?

Process servers are in charge of delivering legal paperwork, and it's not unusual for them to get creative. They might leave the paperwork with friends and relatives if they are still unable to identify the person of interest. They may also stake out a defendant in exceptional situations, although unlawful tactics like harassing or breaching are absolutely barred.

How many times will a process server try to serve you?

The number of times a process server can attempt to serve you is not limited by law. As a consequence, the number of tries will be specified in your arrangement with your process servers.

What happens if a process server can’t serve you in California?

If there is evidence that the defendant is seeking to avoid being served, criminal action could be taken against them. The court may allow a request for an order to use a replacement or alternative means of serving if the defendant refuses to be served by refusing to take the documents.

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