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D&R Legal Process Services, LLC has years of expertise as a process server. We’ve been in the Alameda County area since 1985, and we’ve helped thousands of people and companies. D&R Legal Process Services offers the most experienced staff in Alameda County, with over 35 years of experience and expertise.

We recognize how critical it is to properly serve legal papers, therefore we go to great lengths to ensure you receive exactly what you pay for!

  • 25 Years of Experience

    We have over 25 years of experience in the legal processing field.

  • Fast and Smooth Service

    With D&R Legal Process your paperwork will be filed and served quickly and smoothly.

  • Affordable Pricing

    One of our top priorities is making sure our legal process costs are fair to both parties so we work at a competitive rate.

  • Complete Support

    We're here to help you every step of the way. We offer a full-service experience with our legal process services.

Process Service Deserves to Be Done Right

It’s vital to hire a skilled process server who knows what they’re doing when you have legal papers served. D&R Legal Process Services has the necessary ability and experience to do the job properly. We love what we are doing and go to great lengths to guarantee that legal papers are issued properly and on time.

  • Effective Process Service Demands Precision and Persistence

A process server in Alameda County has a lot of duties. Not only do they have to handle all of the documentation and legalities, but they also have to be persistent in their efforts to provide service. You sometimes need to go far beyond what is necessary to finish the assignment. D&R Legal Process Serving LLC has the knowledge and experience to do the work effectively.

We won’t rest until your official documents are served, so get in touch with us right away for more details!

  • Failure to Serve Someone Correctly Can Result in Case Delays or Dismissal

Your case could be prolonged or perhaps even rejected if you are unable to serve individuals properly. It’s vital that process is served correctly and precisely to avoid jeopardizing the proceedings, but there are several standards based on which state documents must be served. Don’t take the risk. Let us handle it. We’ve got plenty of expertise keeping things going smoothly.

  • Process Service Requires In-depth Knowledge of the Legal System

Since the legal process is complicated and time-consuming, cooperating with a process serving business will make things easier. Process servers have already been performing this job since before we were all here, so they know what needs to be done to keep things running smoothly without wasting precious time or funds on studies that could be better invested in customer care!

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D&R Legal Processing Services

Why Choose DR Legal for Process Serving in Alameda County, California?

We’re experienced: Since 1985, D&R Legal Process Service has assisted thousands of individuals and companies across Alameda County.

We are well-informed: With over 40 years of combined expertise, D&R Legal Process Service has the most experienced personnel in Alameda County.

We’re dependable: Your subpoena will be served correctly, on time, and according to state or federal law.

We’re serious about our work: It’s vital to choose a skilled process server who knows what they’re doing when you need legal paperwork served in Alameda County. D&R Legal Process Service has the training and information to get the job done well.

We’re affordable: D&R Legal Process Service is cost-effective, offering enhanced services at affordable prices. You can be confident that you’re getting money’s worth when you use D&R Legal among Alameda County process servers.

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D&R Legal - The Best Process Server in Alameda County

D&R Legal Process Service, LLC is dependable and transparent throughout the filing process. We are excellent at getting your documentation submitted or delivered quickly. We’ve been in operation for more than 36 years, and we’ve received thousands of 5-star reviews from people just like you!


We have a very simple means of accessing our process serving services.

  • Call

    Give us a call to discuss the assignment's specifics, standards, and logistics.

  • Make an account

    Fill in your contact and payment details to create an account.

  • Send the assignment

    The next step is to submit your documents and directions to us so that we can take care of your legal needs. You can also make a purchase directly from our website.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We realize that you could be concerned about the fees and documentation associated with a lawsuit. However, money should not be a deterrent to obtaining the justice you need.

    We help you save time and cash on verdict enforcement, which can take years. We can also support you with domesticating your overseas subpoenas here in Alameda County by serving a number of witnesses that live around California.

    D&R Legal Process Service provides all of this and more at reasonable prices and within the timeframe required.

  • Complete Support

    With our professional and knowledgeable crew, you'll be in excellent hands. We offer a comprehensive range of judicial process services to assist you at every stage!

    For immediate assistance with your legal issues call us today at 1-510-797-9996.

Frequently asked Questions

About Process Serving
in Alameda County, CA

How much does an Alameda County Process Server Cost?

An Alameda County process server might cost anywhere from $90-$200 based on the task and your needs.

How long does it take to serve someone in Alameda County?

This will be determined by the assignment and its specifications. Call us today to acquire a clear timeline for our services.

When do process servers come to your home?

From 6 a.m. until 10:30 p.m., process servers frequently serve legal paperwork. In some cases, process servers may be able to serve outside of these hours.

What happens if you can't serve someone in Alameda County, CA?

If there is evidence that the defendant is attempting to avoid being served, legal action might be pursued against them. If the defendant refuses to be served by refusing to receive the documents, a request for an order to utilize a replacement or alternative means of serving may be filed with the court.

When a process server is unable to contact the individual who needs to be served, the documents may be legally taped to the door. But the documents could go unnoticed, be stolen, or the person of interest could say he or she never received them, thus this is not the best approach.

What happens if the process server cannot find you?

Process servers are supposed to deliver legal paperwork, but it's not unusual for them to use ingenuity to get there. If they can't identify the person of interest, they could leave serving papers with acquaintances or family members. Following or staking-out a defendant could also be required in some situations, but criminal tactics like harassing or breaking in are absolutely out of the question.

How often will a process server attempt to serve you?

The number of times a process server can attempt to serve you is not limited by law. As a result, the number of tries will be determined by your agreement with your process servers.

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