The Benefits of Being a CalsPro Member

As a registered process server in California, I’m proud to be a part of CalsPro – the California Association of Legal Support Professionals. CalsPro is a trade association that exists to protect our industry by promoting valuable legislation and opposing the more problematic bills, that seem to pop up year after year, more often than not, unintentionally. 

Being a CalsPro member comes with many benefits, including access to the California legislative process through our lobbyist, education, community, and increased income potential. Here’s a closer look at each of these benefits: 

Benefit 1: Legislation

As a CalsPro member, you’ll have access to valuable legislative information that can help you stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and developments. This is important because it means you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your business – and that can translate into more money in your pocket. Additionally, being aware of industry changes can help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Since 1970 (54+ Years) process servers, legal photocopiers and legal support professionals have been a special interest group in California. Your membership fee grants you direct access to our legislative committee and our lobbyist. 

Can your business afford $60k+ a year to fight legislation by itself? 

There were 2 major bills recently, that came out of nowhere. Once again fighting off an eService mandate, this time for Business Records Subpoenas. Unintentionally we were one bill away from losing the ability to serve all writs (Bank Levy, Earnings Withholding Orders and Attachments, etc.), because of a poorly written bill. Over the past 2 years alone, CalsPro has worked on no less than 30 bills. 

Any member can suggest changes to existing laws, the need for new laws to remedy current problems you are experiencing in the field and to help steer the future of the industry. 

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Benefit 2: Education

CalsPro members have access to educational resources that can help them improve their skills and knowledge. This is valuable because it means you’ll be able to provide a better service to your clients – and that can lead to more repeat business and referrals. 

Additionally, being well-educated can help you command higher fees for your services. 

Becoming a CalsPro Certified Process Server and having the CCPS designation after your name, sets you apart from 99.9% of California registered process servers. It is an elite classification and means you really know your stuff… you’re well on your way toward expert status. 

Monthly educational webinars will deep dive into various aspects of your business. 

  • From the basics to advanced process serving tactics
  • How to run a process serving office
  • Insurance and Human Resources
  • To increasing your marketing and sales profitability 
  • You will discover the technology others are using and that are available to your business to make it grow faster and become more profitable

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Benefit 3: Community

We understand that for many of us, especially solo and small businesses, it can be a very lonely experience, at least it has been for me in the past. 

When you become a CalsPro member, you’ll instantly become part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. This is valuable because it gives you access to a network of professionals who can offer support, advice, and camaraderie. 

Additionally, being part of the CalsPro community can help increase your visibility and credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

Every year CalsPro has an annual conference that rotates between Northern and Southern California. It’s a place where you get the opportunity to meet face to face with people from all over California and the country sometimes. 

Networking opportunities happen all the time at conference, you could strike up a conversation and discover that they are looking for someone to cover your area with 10 or 1,000 services a month. 

Or you could be the one who just found someone to cover your 100 jobs a month in that area that has been your problem child all year long. 

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Benefit 4: Increased Income Potential

Finally, as a CalsPro member, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your income potential. 

This is because CalsPro members will normally offer members discounts on services that will allow you to increase your coverage area, dispatching work all over the state, adding more revenue to your pocket from your attorney and pro-per clients. 

In addition to sending work out, you can receive work from other CalsPro members who have a need in your area. I know of $400k+ companies that 70% of their income comes from other CalsPro members. 

I myself made $14,783.56 last year alone from CalsPro customers and have paid out about $20,090.00 to fellow members and I’m a very small company. This obviously fluctuates, year to year depending on my current client’s makeup and needs.

The lifetime value of my membership in the California Association of Legal Support Professionals is well over $500,000 in CalsPro affiliate work received and over $4,172,000 if you factor in the educational and legislative benefits, I’ve enjoyed because of CalsPro, throughout my 26+ years as a California Registered Process Server. 

All for the price of 1 to 10 affiliate services a month!

Additionally, being a member of CalsPro can help you attract higher-paying clients due to the increased visibility and credibility that comes with membership. You will also discover you have more money to reinvest in your business. 

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How Much Does a CalsPro Membership Really Cost?

The California Association of Legal Support Professionals is a trade association that exists to protect our industry by promoting valuable legislation and opposing harmful laws against Process Servers, Legal Photocopiers, Electronic Filing Provider and other Legal Support Professionals. 

  1. Members’ Dues Located INSIDE California can range from $250 to $3,000 depending on the size of your business for an Active Organization Membership.
  2. Members’ Dues Located OUTSIDE of California are $120 for an Associate Member. 
  3. Members’ Dues for a Vendor Member are $385 per year to Support and Market to CalsPro members. 

Find out Now what CalsPro Membership Category is best for your business. 

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If you’re a legal photocopier or registered process server in California, then I highly recommend joining CalsPro – the California Association of Legal Support Professionals. As a member, you’ll enjoy benefits like access to the legislative process, educational opportunities, community, and increased income potential. These benefits are invaluable if you want to be successful in the process serving and legal support industry – so don’t delay, join today!  

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Jason Burke

Jason Burke is a self-made man who knows that hard work pays off. He has dedicated his life to helping other people with their legal problems, and he loves every minute of it!

He has over 24 years of experience in the field, all of which are focused on serving papers. Jason serves papers regulatory and for the last couple of years has served almost everything in Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo and Western Contra Costa Counties himself.

He pepares every single proof of service that D&R Legal Process Service produces to ensure that clients receive the highest quality they have come to expect from them.

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