Specific rules must be followed when evicting a tenant. Here are seven reasons why it’s best to use a California Registered Process Server to deliver your legal eviction notice.

Let’s face it. No one enjoys serving an eviction notice. But, it’s a task that often comes with being a landlord.

If you’re a landlord, there’s a good chance that you will have to deal with evicting non-compliant tenants at some point during your career.
There are several reasons that landlords are wary of serving evictions, even when the situation demands it.
First of all, there’s the obvious discomfort that comes with being the bearer of such bad news. And, of course, there are specific eviction laws that you must be careful to follow. Otherwise, you could risk having legal action taken against you or your company.
But, if you must notify tenants that they are being evicted, a process server can make the task much easier.
Read on to find out why you should use a process server to serve your legal eviction notice!

7 Reasons to Use a Process Server to Serve Your Legal Eviction Notice

If you’re responsible for the eviction of tenants, it’s probably not your favorite work-related duty. But, you can avoid bearing all of the weight that comes with this task if you hire a process server for the job.

Here are 7 reasons to use a process server when faced with serving a legal eviction notice.


1.  A Process Server Ensures That an Eviction Notice is Properly Served

If you make even a seemingly minor mistake when serving an eviction notice, it can cost you dearly.

Given the strict requirements that come with legally evicting tenants, landlords who perform evictions without professional servers are placing themselves at risk for flubbing the eviction process. This can create a great deal of stress if you’re the one who must do the ugly deed. And, most landlords have enough on their shoulders without adding more pressure to their job.

A process server will ensure that an eviction notice is served by the book, so you don’t have to worry or question the process.


2.  Hiring a Process Serve Can Eliminate Unnecessary Delays

A process server will help to eliminate any unnecessary delays in the eviction process.

Often, landlords may not understand what  legitimate delays. If tenants attempt to delay the process, even if it isn’t legit, it can cause landlords problems, that results in delays and your time is money because you can’t rent the property out until the tenant is out of the property.

Unlike landlords, process servers typically have extensive knowledge surrounding the state’s eviction requirements and can take measures to make the process as speedy as possible.


3.  A Professional Process Server Lessens the Blow

It’s not always easy delivering an eviction notice to your own tenants, especially when they have encountered a run of bad luck that’s lead to their eviction. Not only is it hard on the tenants, but it can be an emotional experience for the landlord as well. And, it can also be awkward and embarrassing for everyone involved.

A professional process server tends to approach the matter in a business-like manner and this may help the tenants not to take the news as personally. Most people understand that a process server is simply doing his job and has no control over the actual decision to evict.


4.  You Have Proof that Your Notice is Served

A process service provides proof that the notice has been served. This can be of critical importance should the tenants claim that they didn’t receive legal notice of their eviction.


5.  Avoid Potential Legal Fees

If a tenant disputes the legitimacy of the eviction process legally, this can result in expensive legal fees and a lengthy court battle for the landlord.

Luckily, when a process server notifies the tenants, it releases the landlord from the burden of serving the notice themselves. And, it also cuts down on the chances that any legal argument could be made against the landlord regarding the notice process.


6.  Process Servers Are Experienced

For a process server, serving legal notices on behalf of their clients is a familiar part of their job. Most of these professionals are experienced and knowledgeable about the process. They are aware of the pertinent laws and regulations surrounding eviction in the areas they work.

Due to their expertise and experience, they are much less likely to make mistakes that a non-professional might.

Plus, they may be aware of specific laws that relate to the eviction of tenants that you may not be aware of. For example, in California, there are some instances of eviction that a landlord must pay for relocation of tenants. An experienced professional will be able to answer your questions regarding the eviction process for landlords in your area.

Having a professional server to do the job provides peace of mind that the process will be handled with care and attention.


7.  You Are Free to Take Care of Other Responsibilities

If you are not the one having to serve an eviction notice, then you are free to perform all of the other duties that may need your attention.

Sometimes, it takes time to locate, contact and serve tenants with an eviction notice.

Many landlords have a busy schedule and a long list of additional responsibilities that take up their time. When you hire a process server, you can continue business as usual without interrupting your day to serve tenants with an eviction notice.


Do You Need a Process Server?

If you need a process server to serve a legal eviction notice, we can help.

Our staff is professional, experienced, and knowledgeable. You can rest assured that the process will be handled efficiently and that we will adhere to the necessary legal requirements. We can offer advice and legal documentation of our service, as well.

Make sure that you have the right person serving your legal notice.

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