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As small business owners ourselves, we understand that you may not have time to chase that bounced check or those unpaid invoices and the thought of waiting in line at the small claims court house for hours on end, isn't going to help that bottom line! Especially since your time and energy spent dealing with this can't be recovered from the defendant, but you can pay us to do it for you and recover all or most of your costs. We are your Small Claims Process Serving experts, specializing in small claims court California.

Do you need to know everything about the small claims process, from start to finish? Then visit our Ultimate Guide to the California small claims court process Today! You will learn everything you need to know about bringing a successful small claims action in California.

Let D&R Legal Process Service, LLC be your Small Claims "department".

 "How do I get started?"

The First step is to fill out your small claims fillable forms below or if you need help with that, please give us a call and we will refer you to a Legal Document Assistant we work with on a regular basis. 

***Please note that ONLY an Attorney, Licensed Legal Document Assistant or Yourself can complete legal documents for the general public, anyone else is committing a felony.***

Once your documents have been completed they need to be filed with the court and the proper filing fee paid. Please see the following fee schedule, Small Claims Statewide Filing Fees. Please set your hearing date 45 to 60 days out and provide us with the service right away. 

If you would like D&R Legal Process Service, LLC to file your documents, please visit our Court Filing and Research Page for our rate.

After the documents have been filed they will need to be served on each defendant, otherwise you will need to dismiss any unserved entity. Please see our Process Serving Page for fees and coverage areas.

If the address you provided us turns out to be no longer valid, also known as a "Bad Address" or you don't know where the subjects current home, business or usual place of mailing address is, we can assist you in locating a current address through our Skip Tracing & Investigation services.

Now that your documents have been served, we will prepare the proof of service and file it with the court, so that all you have to do is show up for your hearing date and win your case.

Finally, once you have won your small claims case and have waited the statutory 30 days after judgment, if the defendant has not satisfied the judgment yet, it is your right to attempt to collect it from them. Please visit our Judgment Enforcement section for information on how we can help you collect your judgment.

Are You Ready to Learn What it Will Take to Win Your Small Claims Case?

Are you ready to find out what it will really take to navagate the small claims courts? Then visit the Ultimate Guide to the California small claims court  Today! You will learn everything you need to know to get you from "Hey You Owe Me Money, to Cash in Your Hand!

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