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Don't Jeopardize Your Case with Improper or Unlawful Service

We know you’ve got a million things on your mind. With court fast approaching, the last thing you need is difficulty delivering your legal papers. If your paperwork isn’t properly served and filed, it could violate the law and jeopardize your case.

And what happens if the defendant vanishes from Long Beach or Los Angeles, CA?

That’s where we come in. With over 36 years of legal industry expertise, the process servers of D&R Legal Process Service get it done. We know you want to finalize the legal dispute as soon as possible, so we work tirelessly to serve papers for any case.

The court’s rules and regulations can be an absolute headache for non-professionals. But for us, it’s just another day. We have the tools and wherewithal to guide you through the entire ordeal. Move forward confidently with your Long Beach, California, legal case.

Get Your Documents Served The Right Way for Maximum Likelihood of Success!

  • 25 Years of Experience

    We have over 25 years of experience in the legal processing field.

  • Fast and Smooth Service

    With D&R Legal Process your paperwork will be filed and served quickly and smoothly.

  • Affordable Pricing

    One of our top priorities is making sure our legal process costs are fair to both parties so we work at a competitive rate.

  • Complete Support

    We're here to help you every step of the way. We offer a full-service experience with our legal process services.

We Take the Big Worries Out of Small Claims

Small claims court is not only time-consuming but energy-sapping. We know you have better things to be doing with your time. Rather than wasting hours in Long Beach court lines, tracking down defendants, and wondering if you’ll ever get your paperwork served, leave it to us.

Our licensed process servers provide a full range of legal services.

  • We're here from start to finish.

Do you want rush delivery? Help with a complicated small claims court filing? Need to collect monies owed under a judgment or serve an eviction notice? Divorce papers? Do you want services that are performed hassle-free and in a timely manner?

With almost four decades in the field, our team provides comprehensive process servers’ services. For the professional process server Long Beach, California plaintiffs trust most, contact D&R Legal.

We deliver nationwide service of process in the utmost professional manner.

  • Hands-Off and Hassle-Free
  • Simplified Process & Logistics
  • Complete and Transparent Support
  • Personal Dedication & Commitment

Your Success Is Our Priority!

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  • Process Serving in Long Beach, California: Your Partner for Reliable and Professional Results

When you need a trusted process server in Long Beach, California, we’re here to help. Our experienced process servers have been providing years of reliable and efficient service of process to clients in Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing professional and courteous services in a timely and productive manner.

You Need a Reliable Process Server on Your Side

Process serving is the delivery of legal documentation to a person required to respond to a court case or legal proceeding. In most cases, a licensed and authorized process server performs this duty. The process server will serve the legal documents to the right person, at the right time and place, and confirm service to the court.

Our Long Beach and Los Angeles, CA, process servers want your case to succeed. Getting your papers correctly filed and served is the first crucial step.


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  • A Premier Long Beach Process Server Company

At D&R Legal Process Service, LLC., our experts aren’t like other process servers. Our services aren’t some drawn-out marathon attorney service. Through nationwide service, our registered process servers are committed to accurate and fast service on the very first attempt.

Our business model is simple.

We use all resources available legally and lawfully to expedite every court filing and serving. Unlike law firms and other legal support professionals, we provide a personalized, highly recommended approach to all clients. To this effect, service of process is made easy.

Do you need a process server in Long Beach, CA?

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Types of Documents We Serve

Summons and complaints – forms that initiate a lawsuit.

Subpoenas- forms that require an individual to appear in court or produce documentation.

Writs – legal orders requiring a person or entity to take, or refrain from, a certain action.

Restraining orders – legal orders that require a person to stop certain behaviors.

Eviction notices – forms telling a tenant that they must vacate a property.

Why Choose Our Professional Process Servers in Long Beach?

At D&R Legal, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient service of process. We have a firm of experienced and professional process servers dedicated to ensuring that all forms are delivered promptly and accurately. Here are just a few of the ways our experts can simplify the service of process for you:


Process serving isn’t just a job for our specialists. With decades in the field, we are well-versed in the laws and regulations of service of process in Long Beach, California, as well as Harbor City, Manhattan Beach, San Pedro, and Redondo Beach 


We understand that time is of the essence in legal proceedings, and we work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your legal forms are delivered promptly. Our specialists are committed to providing the highest level of services at highly competitive rates. We pride ourselves on meeting tight deadlines and working under pressure.


We believe that communication is the key to a successful legal proceeding, and we keep our clients informed throughout the process of service. We provide regular updates on the service status and are always available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

A Simple 3-step Process:

When you contact D&R Legal, you can rest assured that our knowledgeable team of professionals will be there to assist you at every stage of the process. We are here to assist you by responding to your inquiries and easing your concerns in order to provide fast service that is accountable and dependable while avoiding unnecessary complications and obstruction.

Don’t leave process serving to anyone other than D&R Legal. You’ll be glad you didn’t waste time trying to figure out the several complicated processes involved in serving process when you could have been working on something more productive.

  • Call

    Discuss the specifics of your situation with our staff, and together we'll come up with a customized strategy to help you move ahead.

  • Make an Account

    Choose the service you need and register for a profile on our internet portal.

  • Send the Assignment

    Once you've handed us the task, we'll handle the tedious labor, allowing you to relax and feel a burden lifted off your shoulders.

When you file and serve your court papers through D&R Legal Process Service, the following are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our pricing policy is set up to provide each party with a fair price. You can count on getting the most reasonable prices from D&R Legal in South San Francisco, CA. What distinguishes us from other Bay Area process servers is our superior professional service and affordable rates.

  • Complete Support

    We are at your side at every turn. Even the strongest people find starting a legal procedure difficult when they are already under strain. Let us take that weight off your shoulders. We share your desire to have your legalities handled as effectively and completely as we can. Until we reach your targeted solutions and the matter is resolved, you will have our full assistance, including court filing legal documents and doing routine services. Don't sit around and wait for the tension and intensity to increase. Call us now to get started with our professional process servers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Process Servers in South San Francisco, CA

    Our professional process servers can serve a variety of legal paperwork, including subpoenas, summonses, complaints, writs, and orders.

    It’s our job to provide you with confirmation of service, which is a legal form proving that we properly delivered the legal documentation.

    We understand that time is of the essence in legal proceedings, and we are committed to serving your documents in a timely manner. We offer rush service for urgent cases and can often serve documents within 24-48 hours of receiving them.

    In some cases, process servers may need to engage in skip tracing or other investigative methods to locate the party being served. If we cannot locate the party in Long Beach Los Angeles, CA, or elsewhere, the process server may need to request permission from the court to serve the documents alternatively.

    Yes, we offer skip-tracing services to help locate evasive parties. These techniques allow us to track down even the most avoidant defendants in Long Beach, CA.

    To hire our company services, sign up via our online form or contact us by phone, and we will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a quote.

    When you need an expert process server in Long Beach, California, D&R Legal can help. We offer a full package of filing services and resources. With competitive rates and the highest level of services, we are the process server Long Beach, California turns to most.