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D&R Legal Process Service, LLC.

D&R Legal Process Service, LLC.
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We Accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express For Your Convenience!
We Accept Visa, MasterCard & American Express For Your Convenience!

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"I have used D&R on many occasions and have found their work to be of good quality" Brett Pederson, Bradley & Pederson, San Francisco, CA.

Customer Testimonial
"You did an unbelievably great job and I would be willing to tell anyone that. Thank You!" Priscilla Krueger, Nulite, Inc., San Diego, CA.

Customer Testimonial
"I Used D&R for a service.  Amazingly quick with the service and getting me the proof.Highly Recommend! Tammy R., Woodland Hills, CA.

Customer Testimonial
"Excellent, great job! I was ready to write the money off and these people were very shifty. Within one hour of paying, I got the news that both defendants were served. Thank you Jason you made my month, excellent job!" Larry K., Modesto, CA.

California Association of Legal Support Professionals

We provide a complete line of services for all your professional legal support needs, including:
  • Process Serving
  • Court Filing, Fax Filing, E-Fax Filing, Retainer Filing Plans
  • Court Research
  • Recording Documents
  • Skip Tracing & Private Investigations
  • Judgment Enforcement.

Our Goal is to provide our clients with fast, honest, dependable & responsible legal services at a competitive rate - Guaranteed!

Communication regarding your documents is vital and we understand that.
 This is why we have invested our energy into our Automatic Status Systems. We have instituted specialized internal systems to track our customer's assignments and prevent problems. We send all reports directly to your e-mail account or you can track your assignments from our website.

Every completed service comes with our
"Quash Proof 100%

Money Back GUARANTEE!"
We stand behind our services and will do everything we can to ensure our services stand up to the toughest scrutiny.

we cannot guarantee that every service will be served because people do attempt to avoid service or we are provided with an invalid address, we do guarantee that every paper served by D&R Legal Process Service, LLC. will stand up and be found valid at a quash hearing, GUARANTEED!

You may be asking yourself how can they do that when no one else will?
It's easy, we train our servers extensively and they attend classes regarding service of process extensively. Most of our servers have been serving papers with us for years and those that are new to our company are kept a close eye on to ensure that every paper is served correctly and timely. 

We also keep the servers field notes safely scanned and backed-up to a secure online server for nearly eternity.
If you find that your service is being challenged please contact us as soon as possible so that we may make the proper arrangements to defend your service!